Selling your house on your own?

For Sale By Owner, FSBO, Private Sale, Off-Market Sale….

These are a few of the names given when property sells without real estate agents acting in their traditional, fiduciary full-service, commission-compensated mode.

These types of sales happen all the time, but not always as smoothly or as economically as the parties had hoped. A residential real estate transaction is ultimately a very technical undertaking, with lots of moving parts that need to come together in the right sequence and with careful attention to detail before a sale can close.

When a Seller and a Buyer find each other and neither have real estate agent representation, this is where fsbomyhouse comes in. Once the two parties informally come to an agreement on the basic outline of a sale, we step in as a neutral 3rd party to write the purchase agreement, cover all the disclosure requirements, and open and oversee the entire escrow process from start to finish. Both parties can be assured that everything will be done legally and correctly.

Being a neutral 3rd party means we don’t take sides and all elements of the transaction are kept completely transparent. Rather than a percentage-based commission, we charge a more appropriate and reasonable flat fee of $3,400.

Fsbomyhouse was started by licensed real estate broker and Realtor Brett Weinstein, who since 1986 has provided an alternative to the full-service, high commission model in prevalent practice.

This service is currently available in the following areas: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties.