“We had the opportunity to purchase a duplex directly from its owner without the need of an agent. However, we needed someone to explain, help and guide us through the process and the paperwork. Brett was recommended by an agent who understood our needs. We feel fortunate to have found Brett. Besides being a traditional Realtor, he also provides a unique service tailored for people who are looking to purchase a property directly from its owner.

Truly no nonsense, to the point service at the right rate. He takes the time to explain everything, thoroughly and clearly. At no point we felt rushed. In addition, his professional referrals were also excellent. We got a great loan, at the right rate, for the right house, with help that was just right. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to purchase a house on their own and save tons of money.”
-Art K

“Brett Weinstein is wonderful! We utilized his services to shepherd us through a private real estate sale. His fee was surprisingly modest, given the intricacies involved, and he was unfailingly patient, thorough and most willing to explain why things are this way or that. In a process that is fraught with anxiety for all parties, his patience and attention to detail were most welcome. I particularly appreciated his explanations of various issues, and his unbiased recommendations, based on years of experience. He’s your man for any sort of real estate situation – especially in today’s overheated market.”
-Jon T

I appreciate that you offer this service at a reasonable price, that you are fair and even-handed, and that you helped us conclude this sale.
-Karen B.

Thanks for all your support. You are a true professional.

Thanks for handling our transaction, we were very pleased with your services.
-Andrew S.

Thanks Brett! It was a really easy, smooth process. We really appreciate your assistance throughout!
-Odessa D.

Yay! Thanks for your assistance Brett!
-Nancy N.

We wanted to take a moment today to let you know how grateful we are for your patience and kindness during the purchase process. The complications from Wells Fargo notwithstanding, we were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the process went. Thank you for helping us along the way with our first experience as homebuyers.
-Becky M. and Charles H.